Commercial Security: Actual People vs. Technology


Commercial Security: Actual People vs. Technology

There have been huge advancements in the use of technology to perform facial recognition, surveil the public, and perform real-time data collection and analysis. However, when it comes down to commercial security for vacant properties or commercial properties after-hours, nothing comes close to the power and effect of having real security guards on the ground patrolling the area regularly. Your facility will be more secure with a real human onsite to mitigate damage, stop problems before they occur, and assess security risks in person.

Avoid Data Lost in Power Outages or Breaches

Relying only on technology to perform surveillance means that you are at risk of losing data due to power outages, data breaches, hackers, or faulty systems. Furthermore, depending on when you notice that damage, vandalism, or theft has occurred on the property, the footage related to the date of the crime may be written over or lost. An onsite security guard will provide activity logs documenting everything that occurs, and will also make regular foot patrols or vehicle patrols of the property to determine if anything is amiss.

Preserve Evidence and Obtain Eyewitness Testimony

While your surveillance equipment may record someone on the property, that doesn’t mean that the footage will be clear enough that you will recognize the criminal or be able to use it as evidence in court if someone is caught. Having a security guard onsite means that trespassers, vandals, and anyone else with criminal intent will be caught in the act, and you will have a human eyewitness who can testify in court.

Save Money and Space

Electronic surveillance requires you to pay additional fees to host data onsite or off, and develop the infrastructure to install and maintain electronic surveillance systems. You will also have to pay for monitoring, as surveillance alone won’t prevent crime from happening or alert the authorities if someone is on the property. A security guard can provide foot patrols or vehicle patrols to surveil the property, check for vandalism or damage, and prevent problems before they occur. Hiring security guards who work onsite will save you money, space, and time.

Mitigate Damages by Stopping Crime Before it Happens

Nothing is a bigger crime deterrent than an actual human being patrolling the area. Whether a criminal can see cameras or surveillance equipment or not, they are less likely to be deterred by electronic surveillance alone. Many criminals assume that surveillance equipment is fake, faulty, or there just for show. They often know that in order for surveillance equipment to be effective, it must be monitored by someone in real time, and once all of the equipment is installed, many companies don’t have the money to hire someone to monitor the feeds. Having a security guard onsite doing regular foot patrols is a much bigger deterrent to anyone trying to break in or vandalize the property. A security guard can also provide alarm response, detailed activity logs, and control access to the building after-hours.

Use A-Team Security & Event Services for Your Commercial Security Needs

If you have a commercial property in Tucson, AZ, that needs onsite security services, call us at A-Team Security & Event Services today at (520) 306-9551 or contact us online. We offer 24-hour security guards or security teams to businesses, vacant property, and communities throughout Southern Arizona in order to deter crime, mitigate or prevent damage, and address incidences of burglary and vandalism. Our guards provide detailed activity logs, foot or vehicle patrol, alarm response, building access control, and a high-profile onsite presence to deter crime. Call us today to learn more about our commercial security services in Tucson, AZ.

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